Pneumatic Kelly Spinners

The Universe Kelly Spinner has been designed to mount under a swivel, thus eliminating the need for dangerous spinning chain, and decreasing the time spent on making up connections. The unit utilizes a 4-way, 3-position valve that enables it to run in neutral, forward, or reverse with a minimum of moving parts. These units provide a high level of reliability and long service.


  • Mounted to bottom of swivel eliminating the need for dangerous spinning chain.
  • Driller can continue to turn rotary table while making a connection with the Kelly Spinner.
  • Powered by non-lube air motor with built in relay valves and mufflers.
  • Does not require jaws or break bands.


Please scroll on the table to view more specifications

Max Torque Max Speed Power Requirements Sub Thread Diameter Height Weight
1,050 ft-lbs
145 kg-m
290 RPM
(Free Spin)
90 to 150 psi air @ 3 to 8 CFS
621 to 134 kPA @ 0.08 to 0.23 cubic m/s
6-5/8 inch
API Left Hand
24 inch
0.61 m
29 inch
0.74 m
750 lbs
340 kb
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