Hydraulic Backups

The Universe Hydraulic Backup Unit is designed to attach to a Power Tong. It will bite either tubing or casing preventing the tubular from rotating while the Tong unscrews or screws together the threaded joint. The unit has many unique features and is considered one of the best backups in the industry and can be mounted under other Universe as well as other Power Tong manufacturer’s.


Radial Load Eliminator (RLE)

Eliminates radial load on the joint which causes torque to be lost and axial twist through the joint which may result in cross threading damage.


Bi-Directional Compression Load Cell System Option:

Two load cells which enable the operator to measure torque in both directions.


Dual Size Capability:

On the 10-5/8 in model and larger the backup system incorporates a dual jaw position, which makes the backup capable of biting the casing and the coupling with the same jaws.


Tri-Bite Link:

The backup utilizes a three jaw biting system providing equal force on all jaws for an optimum bite.


Wrap-Around Dies:

Standard on the 6 in model and may be ordered for other models.



The backup is shown mounted below a Universe power tong but may also be mounted below other tongs.



Size Maximum Torque * Weight Dimensions (W x L x H)
6 in
(152 mm)
15,000 ft-lbs
(2,074 kg-m)
650 lbs
(296 kg)
26-3/8 in x 31 in x 31-1/2 in
(0.66 m x 0.79 m x 0.80 m)
7-5/8 in
(194 mm)
17,000 ft-lbs
(2,350 kg-m)
700 lbs
(329 kg)
23 in x 31 in x 34 in
(0.58 m x 0.79 m x 0.86 m)
10-5/8 in
(270 mm)
27,000 ft-lbs
(3,773 kg-m)
800 lbs
(363 kg)
32-3/8 in x 35 in x 33-1/2 in
(0.82 m x 0.89 m x 0.85 m)
14-5/8 in
(372 mm)
36,000 ft-lbs
(3,977 kg-m)
1,050 lbs
(476 kg)
38-1/4 in x 33 in x 30-1/2 in
(0.97 m x 0.84 m x 0.77 m)
* Actual torque rating may vary on smaller sizes. Dimensions are for the hydraulic backup only (without tong).
CANADIAN PATENTS: 2,269,393 & 2,742,881
U.S. PATENTS: 6,263,763 & 8,443,700
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