Serving heavy industry
since 1965.

Serving heavy industry since 1965.

Universe Machine has been providing services and products in oil, gas, forestry, mining, and other industries since 1965. With a highly skilled work force and our commitment to quality. Universe continues to grow and provide the level of service our customers have come to expect from us.

We provide a wide range of general and specialized products and services which includes:

  • Valve repair and modification service
  • Machining and millwrighting services
  • Full line of open and closed mouth tubing and casing tongs engineered to meet today’s tough requirements
  • Unique and innovative hydraulic and manual backups units compatible with Universe brand and other competitor power tong units
  • Hydraulic diesel or electrical driven power units
  • Patented high volume and performance waste shredder equipment
  • Complete line of hydrostatic 4 post valve test bench units


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