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11-3/4" Closed Mouth Tong

CLOSED MOUTH TONG 11.75 Tong FINAL Small Feb 4 2015


Torque at 2,500 psi (17,237 kPa)
Low Gear11,100 ft-lbs
(1,535 kg-m)
High Gear2,875 ft-lbs
(397 kg-m)
Torque at 3,000 psi (20,684 kPa)
Low Gear13,000 ft-lbs [Max]
(1,797 kg-m)
High Gear3,400 ft-lbs
(470 kg-m)
Speed at 65 GPM (246 LPM)
Low Gear35 RPM
High Gear135 RPM [Max]
Torque and Speed Charts
pdf button Torque & Speed Chart
Jaws Available
Insert Dies1-5/16 in to 7 in
(33.3 mm to 177.8 mm)

Tong Dimensions

Length 52 in
(1.32 m)
Overall Width 18 in
(0.46 m)
Torque Arm 40 in
(1.02 m)
Weight 1,100 lbs
(498 kg)
Maximum Elevator Diameter 32 in
(0.81 m)
Space Required on Pipe Without Backup8-1/8 in
(0.21 m)
Space Required on Pipe With Backup15-3/8 in
(0.39 m)


  • Actual torque rating may vary on smaller sizes.
  • Torque arm is measured from the center of the pipe to the center of the back handle on the tong, and to the center of the load cell cradle on the backup.
  • All weights above are approximate and may very depending on jaws and accessories installed.